About Us

The business idea was born after a married couple, Radcliffe and Shantal, had made handmade invitations as a hobby for numerous weddings. Soon they became so involved with the arrangements that they ended up coordinating the entire event. Plenty of referrals followed and suddenly they were in demand. Hence Roelse Events was born.

Radcliffe Roelse


Radcliffe is a practical thinker who can turn any idea into reality. Planning is key to him, and he never leaves any stone unturned.

His passion for photography and being behind the lens shows in his images. His candid, free-flowing style allows the festivities to continue undisturbed while still managing to capture those small, special moments.

Shantal Roelse

Event co-ordinator

Shantal is a vibrant, people orientated person with creativity coming as second nature. She has a keen eye for detail and has the unique ability to take separate bits of information and harmoniously combine them into a complete concept.

Together, these entrepreneurs form a formidable team that can turn any dream event into a tangible reality. They have pulled together a reliable support team that brings different strengths to the party as well.